Roadside Rescue

“Oh no! Your tire’s all flat and junk!”

You’ve seen them – the potholes the size of Florida that you can’t avoid, resulting in a flat tire.  JunkMyCarToday’s offers roadside assistance to our customers such as: being locked out of your car, jump starting a dead battery, car does not start, changing a flat tire etc. JunkMyCarToday can help you with these hassles and inconveniences to get your car back on the road or to a facility where repairs can be made. Take that, pothole! JunkMyCarToday provides you with 24-hour assistance, 365 days a year. Call 954-989-9090  if you would like us to assist you. As little as $14 each year per car could mean the difference between getting back on the road quickly, or sitting on the side of the road listening to the top 40 countdown while waiting for a costly tow. And, unlike a motor club, there is no extra charge for additional drivers.

Emergency Towing

Not every problem can be solved on the side of the road.  For the times when your car needs a little extra assistance, JunkMyCarToday will provide emergency towing service to a repair facility that can fix your ride.